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Our Activities

The educational programs at Spandana NGO Trust were created with our children’s needs in mind. We have, therefore, carefully designed different programs for different age groups. Read more in detail below.

Our Activities: Programs

Chiguru Scholarship


Every year, we give awards to students who have excelled academically. Awards are given to students who topped their class as we as students who topped the class in each subject. Awards include a certificate of excellence, a cash award, a stationery kit, and a motivational book. These awards are given to students after their 7th standard and 10th standard examinations respectively.

Ekalavya Scholarship


We recognise that physical health and well-being is as important in leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, through the Ekalavya scholarship, we try and encourage students to excel in sports and physical activities as well. The school nominates a few students both boys and girls who have excelled in sports over the year. This award is once again given after the 7th and 10th standard examinations.

Kala Samrat Scholarship


Another important facet of being a well-rounded individual is to engage in extra-curricular activities such as art, theatre, dance and music. Spandana, recognises performers from these areas as well and gives them the Kala Samrat scholarship.

Partnership with IDEK


IDEK (Innovative Design Educational Kits) is a Bangalore based Social Enterprise that has worked extensively in making Mathematics a subject to enjoy as you learn, targeting kids upto standard 7. They have developed innovative and simple tools to enable teachers to impart Math concepts effortlessly but in an impactful way.

Spandana and IDEK jointly implemented these with Puttenahalli Primary and Higher Primary school in JP Nagar. A group of 18 teachers at Puttenahalli GMPS were trained on using the tools to teach the children. A second round of re- training was given to the same teachers to ensure greater level of implementation competence.

Other Activities


Spandana NGO Trust from time to time takes up activities on a need basis as we get feedback from the school authorities. These might be infrastructure related or health related or any educational workshops.

Please get in touch with any questions or if you want to help us improve and expand any of these activities.

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